My Virtual Yard Sale

It's always Saturday morning eBay. Welcome my virtual yard sale, hope you find something you like.

Soon another batch of eBay items

Here in the home office is a box full of eBay items just waiting to be listed. Actually I have several of them around the house. It looks like I'll be firing up the My Virtual Yard Sale once again.

Since my last bit of auctioning I've moved to a new house, also had an apartment in Durham NC for a while. Long story short, things have accumulated. Probably a genetic tendency, but it's time for this stuff to go. Too good to toss, so why not eBay.

My wife was talking about taking these items down to the flea market, but I just don't think that's fair to loyal visitors. Plus, nothing gives you better reach than the eBay marketplace. What do you think?

Ebay Auction Layouts That Get Bidders

Are you looking for Ebay auction layouts that get your bidders? Here are a few formulas I use to make layouts that magnetically attract bidders to my auctions quickly. It's easy to get started.

Layout #1: Headline + Pictures + Body + Call to Action
Layout #2: Headline + Body + Pictures + Call to Action

Both ebay auction layouts have the same picture variations, including large picture on top with thumbnails under or beside. You'll have to test which works best for you. The key is to give the entire auction to your reader in one glance.

Use listings without flashy graphics, background images, or other gimmicks. Instead focus only on what you are offering, keeping things very simple. Your auction layout is about your buyer, the item, and the auction, nothing else. In another post I'll cover how to setup your best pictures.

Getting Maximum Bids in Minimum Time

If you want to get the maximum number of bidders on eBay in the minimum amount of time is simple when you know how. It starts with clear auction listings, either by using a proven auction template or creating one of your own.

Next you want to provide a fair and accurate listing. Talk about the reader owning your product, holding, and getting to look it all over. Describe what the product is, the condition, and any detail that may be interesting to someone who would buy.

To get your bidding going fast, you need the best images you can find that profile every aspect of the product (including any dents, scratches, or defects.) Your bidders deserve to get every angle.

With a clear auction listing describing your product, plus excellent pictures of every detail of what you are offering, then you'll pick up bids quickly. In another article, I'll talk about driving visitors to your auctions and getting the best price in another post. Happy auctions!